1. You can make an order by e-mail, indicating a subject, dimensions and a material for your future gem.
  2. In case of ordering a portrait you need to send the photos (face, profile, 3/4) with good resolution.
  3. We choose the stone and send you its photo for approval.
  4. We make a sketch and conform it.
  5. We appraise the future work.
  6. You make a  50% prepayment. 
  7. We make the gem, send you the photo of the finished item with good resolution. If you have some wishes or remarks, we will correct the gem.
  8. We make the gem passport and documents for the customs examination at our expense.
  9. After the other part of fee is paid, we send you the gem by post, also at our expense. 
  10. If you buy a ready-made gem, prepayment is 100%.


The materials used are citrine, smoky quartz, morion, agate, cornelian, topaz, nephrite and other hard gemstones.

On average, it takes 3-4 weeks to make a gem.